How Bad Will The Vape Related Tariff Effect The Industry?

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How Bad Will The Vape Related Tariff Effect The Industry?

With the recently new FDA regulations that treats e-juice identical to the smelly cigarettes, we now have to worry about the tariff that started today. What is a tariff? A Tariff is an imported tax added to products, in this case includes vaping products coming from China, so that the competition is less aggressive with similar American made products.

The Trump Administration ordered new tariffs on Chinese goods on August 1st, which took effect today August 23rd. This specific Tariff means that the amount of about 90% of vaping products that are being manufactured in China will go from a 10% tax to a 25% tax. 

Not only does this tariff effect us as business owners, but also effects the consumers as well. We as business owners will now be paying a higher amount to be able to supply these products, meaning the consumer will also be charged a higher amount. This could make consumers second guess buying these products from an estimated 10,000 vape shops in the US, making business decrease. 

Personally, I feel as if we the vaping industry and vapers ourselves are being targeted over and over again, not just by the FDA anymore, but the Trump Administration as well. It seems there is something new every month, a never ending cycle. 

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