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21mm Silicone Tank Vape Bumper Bands

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Please Note: If the listing shows that ANY color is not available please do not request that color if you purchase the "MESSAGE COLOR" option.

If you select the "Message Color" option, please message us using our Contact Form immediately after placing your order. If we do not receive a message within 12 hours from the time your order was placed, we reserve the right to randomly select the colors for you or cancel the order entirely. *

COLORS: All items are true to color as seen in the pictures shown. The pictures are professionally taken with proper lighting so as to show the colors properly.

COLOR RED: Red is a color that we have had customers tell us that in their eyes it is not red. We know it is red, but it has been seen as pink, hot red, orange, and at times even dark red. Obviously the way you see it on your screen and through your eyes may differ from the way it is on our screen and through our eyes. So please make sure that if you order the red in color item that said item is what you want.

MULTI-COLORS AND CAMO: Our pictures are professionally taken for us and the multi-colors and Camo cases are all different. No two are ever the same and your item will not look exactly like the picture. Most of the time we don’t even get the ones that are in the pictures because the pictures are taken in China and we don’t know if the exact ones are ever shipped to us. NOTE: Regarding the color “Purple/Black”, many people have thought it is more of a Blue/Black because some computer monitors seem to display colors differently. Regardless, is actually a Purple that tends to be pretty dark when mixed with black. We do have a “Blue/Black” and it is a blue mixed with black. Please do not order the “Purple/Black” and expect it do be a dark blue. Thank you.

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