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BLOW DEM O'S By CottonJo 100% Organic Japanese Cotton 5 SHEETS PER PACK

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Blow Dem O's By CottonJo

  • Each CottonJo Pad 60mm x 50mm, or approximately 2.5" x 2.0".

  • There approximately 5 thin layers in each CottonJo pad.

  • CottonJo is 100% Organic Japanese Cotton, grown without the use of any chemicals or fertilizers. PURE AND NATURAL.

  • CottonJo wicks easily and tastes amazing. No break-in time needed, and is much more durable than traditional medical grade cotton.

  • CottonJo CONTAINS NO ADHESIVES, PESTICIDES, OR BLEACH, as you can still see stems and seeds from the original cotton plant.

  • CottonJo Pads are great for wicking in rebuildable atomizers and suitable for many other uses.